December 30, 2009

Christi spent a few days at Ryan's house before heading back to work after Christmas vacation.  Ryan came home from work one day and found Christi on the couch in her pajamas.  He told her to get dressed quickly because they were leaving.  She barely had time to throw on jeans and a hoodie (forget about makeup!) before he was yelling for her to get in the car.  Ryan didn't tell Christi where they were going, but they ended up at the The Dayton Art Museum.  They had been to the museum several times for different events and Ryan's favorite painting is also there.
      The museum was just closing when they got there that day, but Ryan parked the car anyway.  They walked up the ramp that overlooks the city, the same place Ryan took Christi when they first started dating to point out Dayton landmarks.  Then, Ryan asked Christi to marry him.  She was so surprised to see the ring (it was perfect!) that she did the typical girl thing and almost forgot to say yes.  
      Christi's brother Jason was the first one to know because Christi texted him as soon as they got back into the car.  He seemed pretty surprised to find out his little sister was getting married. :)